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University of Idaho School of Architecture

Little Saigon, a community in Seattle’s International District is a place bursting with culture. With respect to the heritage of the locals, our team set out to enhance the connection between the International District and ultimately to the rest of Downtown Seattle. We created urban catalysts that would be more inclusive in redeveloping Little Saigon and lessen the need for leveling the site completely and starting from scratch. In order to make Little Saigon more livable we designed ‘sticky’ spaces that allowed for more interaction between residential, commercial, and community spaces. By creating urban identity in Little Saigon we strived to unite the community through the celebration of the rich culture and heritage already present in Little Saigon. Connection to the rest of the International District and to downtown Seattle was formed by creating a multi-use plaza space functional throughout the seasons, a terraced community garden, and a multi-purpose, multi-functional community center that welcomes people from all walks of life. 

Year: Spring 2013

Site: Seattle, Washington

Program: International District Development Proposal

Mentors: Xiao Hu

Collaborator: Matthew Ogram

District Catalyzation

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