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Pratt Institute Graduate Architecture & Urban Design

Emerging design technologies are developing at an exponential rate. Communicating design within a language flooded by new dialects can create confusion, negatively impacting the clarity of the project. This project is a study in how to create universal understanding of the origins of each layer of geometry created in an entirely parametrically developed atrium. Originating from four curves in Rhinoceros, each family of subsequent geometry is generated and modified through Grasshopper. The commands for creating each of these geometric components have been broken down into small groups, and arranged to be easily understood as to their purpose, allowing near universal accessibility of the code to be understood and modified per the user's desire. 

Year: Spring 2018

Site: Roosevelt Island, New York

Program: Grasshopper Constructed Atrium

Mentor: Brian Ringley

Published: Superusers: An Architect’s Guide to Design Technology

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