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ASH Towers

Pratt Institute Graduate Architecture & Urban Design


The compounding consequences of climate change are mounting to staggering levels. Emissions are the greatest culprit. Some areas are affected more immediately and apparently than others.  The ASH Towers purposeful design is aimed to aid in stabilizing environmental change and reversing the negative impacts initiated in the industrial era. California is being hit drastically. Water is imported from a dwindling supply. Air pollution affects millions. The agricultural industry struggles to create sufficient produce.   The ASH Towers passively scrub carbon and collect water from the ambient air, utilizing it to generate produce. The system generates an astounding amount of water, energy, and produce while reducing and reusing excess carbon. The towers target Los Angeles and radiate outward from downtown. 

Year: Spring 2018

Site: Los Angeles, California

Program: High Density Residential Housing

Collaborator: Byoungjae Kim

Mentors: James Garrison | Hannibal Newsom

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