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Arboretum Pavilion

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University of Idaho School of Architecture

The Arboretum Pavilion is positioned as a mental and physical sanctuary for all within its sphere of influence. The carefully articulated panes of acid etched glazing reflect and refract the light of a programmable chandelier hanging in the center of the structure. The lights within the chandelier sway from the wind and send shafts of luminescence out into the branches of the aluminum clad ‘trees’, this movement is captured by angled shards of glass to take on an aspect of motion, despite their static nature. This relationship harmonizes to generate illusions of shifting leaves of light, which can be programmed to follow the seasonal shifts of the arboretum. Descending down into the pavilion is a quiet space. During the day the only light is generated from water reflecting off a pool at its center, and from pinpricks of light brought down through small light-wells angled up to the sun. These light-wells create an effect reminiscent of stars twinkling down from above. The pavilion abstracts the form and qualities of the arboretum within which it sits. Geometric interpretation of the surroundings embraces the intrinsic linearity of man and the precocious nature of the environment.

Year: Autumn 2012

Site: Moscow, Idaho

Meditative Pavilion

Mentor: Robert Church

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