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100 Year City

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Pratt Institute Graduate Architecture & Urban Design

Habitable constructed space built to mimic an epiphyte; a plant which grows on another plant which is not parasitic. The project strives to induce an environment which fosters a spectrum of diffusion to fusion. A relational fusion/diffusion of: the artificial and the ecological, the human and animal, materiality natural and synthetic.

The morphology of plants was utilized as a basis for compelling design and understanding evolutionary harmony. This approach prompted periods of studying and enforcing the intrinsic value of leaf structure and of opposing periods balancing a rationalization upon that structure.

The process and the production of the design weaves between radical and rational, similarly to how ecology, natural forces, and urban utilization would weave through the space throughout the lifetime of the structure.

Year: Autumn 2018

Site: Medini Iskandar, Malaysia

Program: Ecological Research and Integration Center

Mentors: B. MacDonald | R. Cervellione | S. Nielsen

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